Boat Designs by Bolger and Atkins (updated)

I have selected five boat designs that I feel are interesting or note worthy, either due to simplicity and the ease with which they can be constructed, or simply because I found them fascinating.  The first is the Dogsbody, an Atkins designed workboat built with simplicity and safety in mind.  The second is a Bolger design, a miniature steel tug meant for work in areas such a the sounds of the American Northwest.  The third boat is the Micromouse by Atkins, a boat that is so simple that it could be mass produced by a single person.  The fourth is another Bolger design, the Microtrawler, designed for work, leisure, and maybe brightening someone’s day with its appearance.  The final boat is a unique Bolger design called the Iceboat, which, as the name would suggest, is meant for sailing over the ice. Continue reading Boat Designs by Bolger and Atkins (updated)

More on the P5 Proa

The P5 proa is a small outrigger sailboat. It is 17 feet long overall, measured along its longest hull. It is nine feet in width overall, but each hull itself is only a foot and a quarter wide. This boat is approximately 160 pounds without passengers or cargo. It is steered by bodyweight and a steering oar, which can also be used to scull in light air. Because there is no leeboard or daggerboard the P5 can be sailed in very shallow waters.

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SMARGO Original Design by Jason Thornton

Jason Thornton
NCF Boatbuilding & Design ISP
Mr. Matthew Reynolds
January 22, 2014

 Original Boat Design Proposal: SMARGO TM

WHAT? A multifunctional, glass-bottomed main hull trimaran, floating classroom, and lab.

WHY? DESIGN RATIONALE: A simple thought emerged for me: why not build a multi-tasking boat that serves many of us? Smart phones are the Swiss Army knife of telecomm; thus, a Smart Argo, or Smargo? A glass bottom, smallish trimaran can act as an observation and teaching platform, a literal low-or-no-carbon, nature-synergized, mobile LAB on the water. Continue reading SMARGO Original Design by Jason Thornton

The Teal

Phil Bolger’s design for the Teal is a rethinking of Harold Payson’s 7’9” Elegant Punt, which Bolger includes with Payson’s permission in his book, The Folding Schooner. His intention is to use the same two sheets of plywood that could be used to build the Punt to create a nicer looking product. His result is a boat that measures over four feet longer than the Punt and sacrifices only an inch of beam, and that can use the same rig as Payson’s design, or a lateen rig of a Sunfish, which is only a little bigger than the Teal in length, beam, and hull weight. Additionally, the design can be easily modified to meet specific needs and preferences that builders have, including the possibility of adding acrylic panels to the bottom as viewing ports and the inclusion of a modified deck that allows for adjustable rowing seats to accommodate one, two, or even three people in the boat as it is being rowed. Considering the spartan use of materials in the design and the possibility of making modifications easily to the Teal, it makes for an inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile boat for beginners to build.  Continue reading The Teal

Pontoon boat

12’ long x 5’ wide

Picture of completed boat
Picture of completed boat

Boats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for many different purposes. In this case, the requirements for the needed boat are mainly to be small, lightweight, and simple to build. It is also necessary that this boat be able to carry multiple people around in shallow water, be pulled up on a beach, and work well in the Sarasota Bay weather. JEM Watercraft’s Pontoon boat design fulfills all of these requirements and works best for the main requirements. Continue reading Pontoon boat