Mini Sharpie

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This is a single-person sailboat made out of one sheet of plywood. I figure that the simplicity of it will help us spend less time putting it together and more time finishing it in order for us to add a sail rig, oares, a rudder, seats, cleats, and pleasing aesthetics.


1 sheet 4ร—8 plywood – $20

4 8โ€™ 1×2 plywood – $20

100โ€™ fiberglass tape – $20

2 quart epoxy – $50

1/2 Ib filler – $10

4 paint brushes – $8

1 gallon paint – $30

Material for sail – $Unknown

Total Cost – $158 + price for sail material.


Only weighs about 30 ib when finished

Flat bottom – perfect for glass-bottom boat

3.5โ€draft with 175 lb. person in it

High bow – good for waves

Pleasing aesthetics

We get to make our own sail – more experience

Very low cost


Only fits 1 person

One thought on “Mini Sharpie”

  1. A little more in-depth discussion of the boat in question would be nice, think through the layout and building process – can we see some larger images?

    i like the design – about as simple as it gets ๐Ÿ˜‰

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