Teal with Modified Deck and Adjustable Rowing Seats

Essentially this is the Teal from Phil Bolger’s The Folding Schooner with the deck and seats added how Tagen had suggested. It means we’ll need 1 more sheet of plywood than the 2 it calls for, but for the added utility that it brings (and the originality factor) I think it’s worth it.

IMG_0310[1] IMG_0311[1]

3 sheets 1/4″ 4×8 plywood — $75
30′ mahogany 1×2 for gunwales — $60
50’x3″ fiberglass tape — $35
1 quart epoxy resin — $60
1 or 2 pairs of oarlocks — $15 each
10′ 1/2″ diameter round rod — $5
18″ 1/2″ diameter threaded rod — $4
2 1/2″ nuts and washers –$1
4 1/4″ eye bolts with nuts — $2
3″x3/8″ carriage bolt, nut, and washer — $1
1 gallon paint — $35

Total: $293

We should be able to rig the Teal with a Sunfish sail and avoid custom ordering or going through the hassle of making our own (though it would be a nice learning experience), and we could include 1 or 2 fairly sizable glass panels to the bottom if we want to go that route. It would be easy to stitch and glue it, just like our model, and its plans are laid out so that they are easy to figure out. For about $300, I think we’d be getting a lot of boat with a lot of versatility, and it would come in at only about 100 pounds, I think.

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