The Dogsbody

The Dogsbody


  • The dogs body is a small, fairly simple boat that was designed to be built by people who have little experience with boat building
  • The boat is fairly lightweight and should be easy to construct with the same methods we used to build the Gypsy
  • Clearly designed as a utilitarian boat, the Dogsbody was designed to be able to mount a small outboard motor and has storage compartments built in to its buoyancy chambers, which could be used to store any tools that would be needed in an emergency.
  • The compartment on the bow of the vessel is intended for storing the fuel tank, a design choice made presumably to balance out the weight of the boat’s operator.
  • The Dogsbody is a very stable, difficult to sink vessel thanks to the presence of two large buoyancy tanks located on the sides of the boat
  • These tanks can also be used as benches, and as stated before have two storage compartments locate amidship
  • The boat uses an eggbox construction, with the bulkheads located inside the buoyancy chambers, presumably for aesthetic reasons, as well as to reinforce the tanks’ structure and prevent catastrophic hull failures
  • The design places safety and utility over performance, so this is not a boat in which one would go blasting around the lakes, but is rather a leisure cruiser, and perhaps a serviceable fishing boat


4 Sheets plywood- $90 approx

1 quart epoxy- $60

50 ft of 2 inch Fiberglass Tape- $30

Zip ties- $2

1 gallon marine paint- $40

Total- $222 approx




  • Lightweight
  • Difficult to sink
  • Very stable
  • Can mount an engine



-Heavier than other similarly small vessels

-Egg carton construction can be quite complex for beginners

  • Can’t hold more than two or three people safely
  • No option for a sail
  • Design isn’t well suited for oars

Source: Ultrasimple Boat Building by Gavin Atkins

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