Tortoise draft

Tortoise option by Jason




This design provides an easy build, cheaply.


Dimensions: 6′ 5″
Row: Yes, Sail: Yes, Power: No

  • WEIGHT: 50 lbs.
  • MATERIALS: Two 4’x8′ sheets of AC 1/4″ Plywood.
  • FRAMING: from three 8′ clear two-by-fours.
  • BUILDING TIME: Approx. 12 hours.
  • PLANS: 2 sheets with instructions.

I sailed these a lot back in a middle school program called HMS Crew. We used it for both sailing and sandbar/mangrove explorations of local marine habitats in Miami. More to follow! 🙂


tortoise4 tortoise_completed_sideview J Coot

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