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P5 Proa

The proa traditionally is a multihull vessel with a main hull, waka, outrigger, ama, and rigging. The P5 Proa designed by Othmar Karschulin was modified from Gary Dierking’s strip planked Tarawa.

Its small multihull design can easily be transported on top of a car. It is designed to be constructed from plywood in a stich and glue method as opposed to the strip plank construction of the T2. This boat is designed to sail quickly with up to two people, but not carry heavy loads. This boat operates under sail power only, but the crab claw sail, also known as the Oceanic lateen rig, allows this boat to sail at high speeds.

The rig functions like a seesaw. By changing the bow after shunting you pull down the yard with the sail to the new bow.


  • Can be transported easily on top of a car
  • Really fast/fun
  • Is built in the easy stich and glue method


  • There’s nowhere to put glass panels
  • Only two people could sail at a time

Every plank could made from mirrored halves from 4mm plywood. The waka and ama are connected with wooden poles and the sail could be made out of tarp because it is a crab claw and does not need any shaping. With all of these things taken into consideration the P5 ends up being fairly economical to build.