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Funding Request

CAA Allocation Request Form

CAA Application

Title of Project: Boat Building ISP (NCF Viking Association)

Sponsor’s Name: Matthew Reynolds

Date: 1/22/14

Total amount of funding requested: $535

1. Nature of the Project (thesis, ISP, study abroad, etc.)

ISP project

2. Description (goal and final product: research, presentation, artwork, itinerary, etc.)

  • The goal of this ISP is to construct a small wooden sailboat with a glass bottom for viewing of marine species/raiding and pillaging Ringling College
  • The boat will be a simple design of about 12 feet. There will be a Plexiglas panel installed in the floor for viewing marine life in the Sarasota Bay, and can be available for use at the sail club and for academic purposes.
  • The boat will be completed by the end of ISP month.


3. Importance of this specific project to the student’s academic career (thesis, increase of breadth or depth of study, etc.)

Building a functioning sailboat that can be used by the school community will be the perfect culmination of the group’s month-long efforts, and reflects the concepts and techniques taught throughout the ISP period.


4.Contribution to the student body or community?

This boat will be useful for future marine science students, and others interested in sailing and marine life.


VI. Itemized Budget

Items (describe each in this column) Cost per Unit/Days in US$ Cumulative cost for this row
Non-reusable equipment or supplies (paper, chemicals, paint, etc.):  3 sheets of plywood – $60Protective gloves and masks – $20Lumber for seat, rails, and mast – $25

100 feet of glass tape – $20

3 yards glass cloth – $20

2 quarts epoxy – $60

½ Lb. filler – $10

1.5 yards peel ply – $15

4 disposable brushes, cups, and spreaders – $20

2 gallons paint – $60

Plexiglas – $30

Oars – $15

Oarlocks – $30

Material for sail – $40

Polyester thread – $10

Sailing line and hardware – $40/free from sailing club?

Beach umbrella – $30


Total cost = $535
TOTAL for all items $535